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Lavender bliss
Lavender bliss

Lavender bliss

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Everyone deserves to relax and renew which is why i created this amazing bath salt and exactly why you need this Lavender and tea treebath salt... This bath salt is made with a variety sea salts, essential oils and light body oils to help you relax, moisturize and release... This salt is great for soaking after a long day or if you’re in pain. This salt helps release body tension, tightness and help bring out your inner relaxation!! YOU DESERVE THIS SALT BATH 

Himilyan sea salt 

epsom salt 

dead sea salt 

baking soda 

citric acid 

almond oil 

lavender oil

tea tree oil

citric acid 


Benefits of bath salts:

  • Detox bath. A detox bath is generally made of Epsom salt. ...
  • Muscle aches. Bath salts can help with muscle aches by relaxing tense muscles and reducing inflammation. ...
  • Skin inflammation or irritation. ...
  • Dry or itchy skin. ...
  • Arthritis. ...
  • In the shower. ...
  • Foot soak.

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